The Italian traveler Ilario: Saudi Arabia fascinated me and Hail's generosity impressed me

The Italian traveler Ilario: Saudi Arabia fascinated me and Hail's generosity impressed me


The first steps of the 36 years old Italian traveler, Ilario Lavara, were from Milan Italy, he began his journey on the sixteenth of September 2017, around the world to achieve his goal in which to travel a distance of 150,000 km on his motorbike which was made in 1967. Three weeks ago, Ilario arrived at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and went around a number of cities in it starting from Riyadh, Jeddah, Abha, Taif, Jizan,the Farasan Islands, and then After arriving in Ala, he heard from one of his friends there about Hail Rally and immediately went to Hail, which is 435 km away. In an interview with "The Media Center of the Hail Rally", Ilario explained that he was very happy with his presence in the Kingdom, and described the cities he visited here as "dreamy", especially Al-Ula, he said about it: "One of the most beautiful places I visited during this trip."

The Italian traveler added: “My trip started about three years ago and has visited 71 countries so far, it started in Europe, and Spain was the last European country I visited and then I went to Morocco, then to South Africa and visited 14 African countries, after that I went to Jordan then Turkey and took a long time roaming countries of Central Asia such as Armenia, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and a number of other countries, and then I went to Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and before my arrival to Saudi Arabia I visited Oman.”
About the transportation, Ilario said: “It was all on my bike that I started my journey with, and it completed its 53rd year of making. Yes, I had a number of problems because of it, but it is still my friend on this long journey, I have covered 121,000 kilometers so far, and I still have 30,000 kilometers to go, and I believe that I will achieve this goal that I’ve set before launching in my world tour."
about Hail, Ilario says: "I was astonished from the size of the people I saw in the countryside while I was on my way to Hail. As I was impressed by people constantly welcoming me, inviting me to their homes and inviting me to dinners as a generous gesture and some of them gave me water and meals to take with me when I insisted on continuing my trip. As I arrived to Hail I asked someone about Hail Rally and Fortunately for me, I was near the industrial institute where the technical examinations of the contestants were taking place, and when I entered, I was surprised by someone who was heading to me with a group of men and talking to me with a perfectly pronounced English language by welcoming me, and then he started asking me about my bike and what am I doing here, and I saw a smile on his face when I told him about my story, and I was astonished later when I learnt that he was Prince Khalid bin Sultan Al-Faisal, Chairman of the Saudi Federation of Automobiles and Motorcycles.
The Italian added: Prince Khaled was not satisfied with simply welcoming me, He took me to the private hotel that includes the committees working in the rally, and he invited me to dinner and i answered the invitation.”

About his next destination, he said: "I will spend the winter in Saudi Arabia and its surrounding countries, as the winter here is a suitable weather for me, and after the end of the Hail Rally competitions, I will go to Kuwait and from there to Pakistan, and I will end my journey of Asia in Australia, and then I will go to South America.
Ilario concluded his speech by sending a message to all tourists in the world, and he said: "Come to Saudi Arabia, to the seas, islands, deserts, mountains, beautiful natures, and the people here are very nice.



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